DEVIforme gallery it’s a space dedicated to antiques and contemporary art, an increasing and profitable dialog , situated in Via dei Coronari 32, in the heart of Rome near Piazza Navona.

Roberto and Michela Borrazzi joints to the third generation of proposals of antique dealing and art object they transform their activity turning their interest toward the contemporary world. A natural evolution connected to the new requirements of furnishings. Changes the conception of the space and the idea of living. The object is more personal and not more connected to its history, the choice is more emotional and the form participates to this change. The antiquity is the quintessence of the proportions harmony and oneness and it remains an irrenounceable starting point which to move for research purposes of new forms of art tout court. The present space is extremely dynamic and try to express through the originality of the objects this incredible contemporary. Silver, sculptures, paintings, faiences , furniture , ancient and modern furnishings.
DEVIforme offers a free service of advising, restoration and appraisal of the art works.

New acquisitions, information

20 October has beginning the new acquisition campaign of art objects, furniture, paintings and generally furnishing.


Contemporary artists collaborate and realize works for Deviforme creating to the workshops, a laboratory of art and creativity.

Art to chartering

It’s possible to rent furnishing for events: vernissage, cultural manifestations, newsgroups, photographic and cinematographic set, thematic expositions and publicity.

New tendencies

Diminishes the necessity to furnish, increases to identify.